Kartikeya Sports Trust

First Sports Trust

Being active parents and healthy individuals, we all know how important it is to encourage and involve kids in sports and games. On this note I would like to introduce you all to Kartikeya Sports Academy Trust born out of passion to promote sports and games among children. It is the first of its kind in Srikakulam District.

The Trust has been registered under the Indian Trusts Act, as a not-for-profit organisation to function with a passion for promotion of sports and games.

The Trust is governed by a team of experts who are proficient in various fields of sports & games.

Our focused activities of the Trust are to –

  • Emphasise the importance of games in schools to growup strong minds of tomorrow
  • Conduct workshops on different sports & games
  • Support the real talented children, who need financial help, either by adopting or sponsoring in the form of cosching, sports accessories etc
  • Organise events of sports & games
  • Any other activity that deemed to be worthy

All this would be possible to achieve only with your collective support. Hence I request you all, my dear friends, to aid the Trust through its way for a noble cause by sparing a little of your TIME / EFFORTS and or MONEY.

Also, let us avail this opportunity to promote a culture of sports & games for a healthier and happier lifestyle.